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This week's question ...

How much time on average does your office spend per week calling insurance companies
for benefit information?

Are there any ways in GENESIS you could suggest that would require less key strokes or enhance functionality?

The suggestion selected from this weeks answers will be posted next week AND that suggestion
will be available for you in a GENESIS Update to download at the end of next week!

What is the most effective way of filling an unexpeceted opening in the following day's schedule.

At the end of this week, GENESIS will be sending everyone that has responded to our weekly questions
over the past month, a little THANK You!

What are the Pros and Cons of using a collection service for patient's that will not pay their bill?

We are recieving many great answers. 

What one change impacts office efficiency the most?

What is the most effective way of handling patients that will NOT pay their bill?

What is the most time consuming task you are responsible for?

Last weeks question and answer will be posted here Tuesday.

What is the most helpful feature dental practice management software provides dental offices?

What is the largest time saving feature or service you would like dental software to provide your office?
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