Operating a Smooth, Efficient, Profitable Practice
Treatment Plans
  Statistics of plans in process
              Quantity, dollars, benefit expirations, etc.
  Action notes for efficient staff  communication with call to action tracking.
  Statistics of plans archived
              Plan Indicators for archiving to maintain a tight inventory of treatments outstanding.
  Itemizing your patient's "Previous Balance" is one of the easiest ways to save your staff
        time, your office money, and setting a higher level of professionalism with your patients.
  GENESIS offers several choices in itemizing the "Previous Balance" on patient statements..
        The Dashboard monitors the current level in use.
   Example of an Itemized Statement
Are you itemizing the "PREVIOUS BALANCE" on patient statements?
Your Personal Business Manager
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  With the proper use of batch codes, rotating payments, & auto adjustments, GENESIS can
        save most offices 10 to 20 minutes a day.
  GENESIS reviews your data for efficiency and reports the results to the Dashboard.
  The Dashboard displays your current level of efficiency.
  The Action button provides the number of occurances, itemizes the occurances, and
        directions for a simple change - improving ease and speed.
How efficiently is your staff posting Charges, Payments, & Adjustments to patient ledgers?